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Swiss Post putting the 100th My Post 24 terminal in operation

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At the beginning of March 2018, Swiss Post put its 100th My Post 24 terminal into operation in Berne-Bümpliz. With 172 boxes it is the largest parcel locker in Switzerland to date. More than 11,000 households from the area can now receive, send, and return parcels and registered mail around-the-clock. In addition to traditional postal transactions, other services such as a locker function are available at the popular My Post 24 terminals.

Proven technology from the leading innovator

Swiss Post has been relying on innovative hardware and software from Austrian automation specialist KEBA for parcel automation since 2013. All 100 installed My Post 24 terminals use KEBA's user-friendly KePol system. Swiss Post particularly appreciates the high availability of this system. This is the result of established know-how based on decades of market experience and the highest manufacturing and product quality. Both indoor and outdoor KePol parcel locker systems are sturdy – wether summer with high heat or winter with snow, ice, and frosty temperatures far below freezing.

Parcel lockers increasingly popular

Online shopping and the resulting parcel volume are on an all-time high and this trend is unlikely to end any time soon. But recipients are not always home during delivery attempts. The My Post 24 terminals of Swiss Post as well as other parcel lockers are thus becoming increasingly popular. Postal customers appreciate the convenience of picking up and dropping off parcels around the clock. By 2020, Swiss Post aims to further expand its services and install an additional 100 My Post 24 terminals at highly frequented locations. Swiss residents will thus have 200 parcel lockers available for customer-friendly, 24/7 sending and receiving of their mailings – all terminals coming from KEBA.

The 100th My Post 24 terminal of Swiss Post in Berne-Bümpliz

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