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A few weeks ago, KEBA Industrial Automation launched the blog 'Automation Insights'. In the future, interesting articles, tips and guides on industrial automation will be published there on a regular basis. In the interview below, we talk about this new blog with Filip Miermans, Head of Marketing KEBA Industrial Automation.

Why did KEBA start a blog?

We have noticed that it is important to generate and publish relevant content - information, tips, guides,... just what our partners need to take the next step in their planning or decision making - and that is not always necessarily what companies communicate on their own.

One way to provide this type of content is via blog articles. The advantages in doing so: blog texts are short, "snackable", articles with real added value that can be wonderfully linked and communicated on social media.

KEBA Industrial Automation will generally change its communication - less ego messaging with lots of superlatives and instead short articles that support (future) partners by addressing their pain points or the topics that concern them. At the same time, we also see opportunities here in communicating with people and target groups who don't know us yet, such as applicants or journalists.

Ultimately, it is about positioning KEBA Industrial Automation as a 'trusted advisor' - we communicate at eye level and understand the industry and our dialogue partner. We leave superlatives and self-praise to others. We focus on topics, which take into account the pain points of customers and address them in the relevant channels. Blog articles are an essential building block of Marketing Automation, where the previously described approach is exactly the way we go.

What experience does the team have in blogging?

Until a few months ago, none at all. But we really got into the swing of things and pulled up Marketing Automation together and started blogging. It's working wonderfully now, a steep learning curve for the team, I'd say.

What challenges did you face?

Many people think that blogging in the industry is very easy: You sit down, write USP's in a relaxed style and that's it. It's not quite that easy, and besides, there's always a tendency to want to put your own messages in the old style. So you have to change, find your own way and above all: be courageous and try a lot.

What is the expectation?

  • Positioning: In the long term and as an overarching goal, we want KEBA Industrial Automation to be perceived as a 'trusted advisor'. Through relevant content, i.e. because we have unique content to offer, we want more visitors or traffic to be directed to our website, with whom we then enter into dialog.
  • More leads: Clearly generating new leads - that is, gaining new contacts or prospects.

Do you read blogs yourself?

Yes - and the trend is increasing. I scan content very quickly - gladly also as a blog or podcast - on the topics that interest me.

Filip Miermans, Head of Marketing KEBA Industrial Automation

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