Freiburg (DE), May 08, 2019

Hometec 2019: Visit our e-mobility expert

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The home of the future is already here! To showcase the potential of the individual smart home, the top suppliers of the Zander Freiberg electronics wholesaler will be on hand at the Hometec trade fair on May 8, 2019. And since home charging stations are indispensable in the e-mobile age, KEBA will also be there.

Your home as charging station

Electromobility is booming. Electric vehicles are already storming the top rankings of new car registrations in Norway. Germany is also seeing double-digit growth rates. And with more and more electric cars on the road, the demand for an adequate charging infrastructure is also rising.

Wall boxes can address this demand as they are capable of converting homes into charging stations. With the KEBA KeContact P30 wall box, you can charge your electric car safely and reliably at home. And since your car is going to be parked outside overnight, you might as well use a wall box to have it recharged in the morning.

Experience our smart wall box first-hand

Our expert Werner Gruber will be happy to show you how the KEBA KeContact P30 wall box, with its numerous communication interfaces, can be easily integrated into your smart home. And we will also tell you why our wall box can do much more than just charge.

  • Where? Hometec 2019, Zander Freiburg, DE
  • When? May 8, 2019, 12 pm to 6 pm

The home of the future is already here! With an intelligent wall box, you can turn your home into a charging station for your electric car. Integration into your smart home is quick and easy.

Our expert Werner Gruber knows just how important a smart and online-enabled wall box can be for your smart home. Pay him a visit at the KEBA booth at Hometec 2019.

Our expert Werner Gruber knows just how important a smart and online-enabled wall box can be for your smart home. Pay him a visit at the KEBA booth at Hometec 2019.


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