KEBA KeContact is one of three most sold charging stations in the world

Milestone: 150,000 wall boxes sold worldwide

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10 years ago KEBA decided to take a bold step and enter a new business sector. Back then electromobility was still just a dream of the future. Today the Austrian automation expert has sold more than 150,000 wall boxes around the world. As a result, KEBA is now one of the top 3 global market leaders in the manufacture of smart charging stations.

Promising business sector

KEBA has been active in the area of electromobility since 2009. At that time, the Austrian automation expert started developing its own line of charging stations. The basis for this development was decades of experience in electronics manufacturing combined with extensive knowledge of ATM construction. Shortly thereafter the company presented its first prototype of a charging station. The first two years saw around 600 charging stations put into operation.

Exponential growth in this business sector led to the sale of more than 6,000 wall boxes per month. With around 150,000 units sold so far, the KEBA KeContact is among the three most popular charging stations in the world. And as always, 100% developed and produced in Linz, Austria.

Electromobility is booming

“In contrast to the current trend of stagnating to declining new car registrations, the electromobility market is growing in double to triple digit rates,” says Andreas Plotz, Executive Sales at KEBA. Greater ranges, lower purchasing costs and a larger selection of models are making electric cars a real alternative for an increasing number of people, Plotz added. “We are convinced that this is only the beginning since the historic technology shift from internal combustion engines to emission-free electric drives has just started.”

The charging station for today and the future

With the release of its third generation, the KEBA KeContact wall box has gained a great deal more in intelligence. Equipped with a whole host of technical features and communication interfaces, the KeContact is capable of not only charging, but also controlling, communicating and networking.

Thanks to its ability to integrate into smart homes, backend systems or photovoltaic systems combined with its MID certified meter for billing, this wall box meets all the requirements of electromobility – not just today but also in the future.

Experience KEBA wall boxes first hand

Curious? We cordially invite you to visit our stands and learn about our KeContact P30 in person. Our expert team will be at the EVS 32 electromobility trade show in Lyon, France, on May 19-22. At Stand C13 we will showcase our solutions for energy companies, automotive manufacturers, fleet operators and electric car owners. Come visit us – we look forward to seeing you there!

With 150,000 units sold, the KEBA KeContact is among the three most popular charging stations in the world

With 150,000 units sold, the KEBA KeContact is among the three most popular charging stations in the world

Andreas Plotz, Executive Sales for Electromobility at KEBA

Andreas Plotz, Executive Sales for Electromobility at KEBA


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