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Electromobility is in the fast lane. Not only are more and more companies opting for an electric vehicle fleet, but private individuals are also increasingly choosing to go electric - be it with a plug-in hybrid or a pure EV. Because charging is most efficient, convenient and affordable at the wallbox in one´s own company or home, one´s own charging infrastructure is a natural part of electromobility. In order to make the world of charging solutions accessible to all e-car drivers - both today and tomorrow - we at KEBA have opened the eMobility Store in Linz-Urfahr.

Our experts are happy to answer all your questions about choosing the right wallbox, proper installation, subsidies, the use of your own solar power, and optimal charging behavior at home and on the road. Of course, charging stations and accessories can also be purchased. A special feature of the KEBA eMobility Store are our refurbished wallboxes - updated and thus particularly sustainable wallboxes. In addition, wallbox covers can be individually designed in-store - without long waiting times.

Refurbished wallboxes

KEBA wallboxes are known for their durability. However, communication standards change with new generations, while integrated meters must meet new requirements.
In order not to have to dispose of the entire wallbox and thus waste valuable raw materials and components in a perfectly functional charging, we take these devices, check them and replace the aging components. As a result, the refurbished wallboxes are up to the technical standard of new models, there is hardly any waste and, in addition, we also offset the CO2 balance of these devices by investing in certified climate protection projects - it doesn't get any more sustainable than that.
And the best thing for our customers: Despite a full 12-month warranty, the refurbished wallboxes are sold for up to 25% less than their original price.

Sustainability in focus

Not only do we actively contribute to climate neutrality with the sale of refurbished, carbon-neutral wallboxes - the entire KEBA wallbox range is manufactured in a carbon-neutral manner. Users of our charging stations therefore contribute even more to sustainability.

Sustainability was also a priority in the operation of the KEBA eMobility Store. The electricity required comes from renewable resources and emissions generated during heating are fully compensated. Visitors can also charge their electric vehicles at our charging stations with green power - free of charge.

Cover customisation

In the store we can customise the cover of an existing or future KEBA charging station for our customers. In addition to a range of special design covers in different colours, we offer the option of applying your own graphics or lettering to the wallbox cover: Logos, patterns, images - anything is possible. This customisation is perfect for companies or public authorities. Of course, private e-car drivers may also want personalised wallbox in their carport or garage. For unique items, our team will do the work directly on site - without registration and long waiting times. Just bring the desired graphic in a common file format, and let us do the rest.

KEBA eMobility Store in Linz

Longstanding partnerships

We operate the KEBA eMobility Store in cooperation with Linz AG, with whom we have a long-standing partnership. Our cooperation has resulted in many important projects in the field of charging infrastructure, including UrCharge, which proved that intelligent load management can be used to charge many electric vehicles safely and reliably even within a single building network - as is common in an urban context. Both Linz AG and KEBA are keen to actively promote the expansion of environmentally friendly electromobility. The joint eMobility Store is a further building block in this endeavour.

Location and business hours

The KEBA eMobility Store at Leonfeldnerstraße 2 in Linz-Urfahr is open from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Parking spaces with charging facilities are available for visitors in the underground garage. Special feature: In the store you can observe how much electricity your own vehicle receives.

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