Little artists design KEBA Christmas cards

What does Christmas look like?

Flying reindeer at night, delighted snowmen, singing children in the midst of the most beautiful Christmas scenery, fantastic winter landscapes as well as Santa Claus and Christ Child in the best accompaniment.

All of this finds its place in the great pictures that have reached us during our annual KEBA drawing contest. Every single drawing touched our hearts and made us smile.

Our Christmas committee had the challenging task of selecting seven final motifs. These will be printed on our 2021 KEBA Christmas cards.

However, we would like to share all of the wonderful artwork with you. Our online gallery shows all the drawings that our little artists submitted for the contest.

We hope they will put a smile on your face, too!

And the winners are...

  • ​Eric Schmutzler, 6
  • Erich Hoang, 8
  • ​Elisabeth, 5
  • ​Emilia Kaufmann, 12
  • ​Fabian Thieme, 6
  • ​Matilada Birk, 3
  • ​Mia Fürlinger, 7
  • Paula Weßling, 7

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